Alexander Meschtscherjakov is an Assistant Professor at the University of Salzburg. He directs the car team at the Center for HCI at the Christian-Doppler-Laboratory “Contextual Interfaces”.

Manfred Tscheligi is Professor at the Center for HCI at the University of Salzburg and was Conference Chair for the 3rd Conference AutomotiveUI 2011.

Dalila Szostak is a User Experience researcher and designer at Google. She has been involved in the UX in AD workshop series from the beginning.

Rabindra Ratan is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Media & Information.

Rod McCall is the leader of the IGNITE (Interaction, Games and Novel Interface Technologies) research collective at SnT, University of Luxembourg.

Ioannis Politis is a PhD student in University of Glasgow, Multimodal Interaction Group, working on the design of multimodal displays for drivers.

Sven Krome is researcher at RMIT’s Games and Experimental Entertainment Lab. In collaboration with Audi Electronic Ventures he is re-thinking the piloted driving experience from an ix- and game designer’s perspective.

Andreas Riener is a senior research and teaching assistant at University of Linz’s Institute of Pervasive Computing. He is working on cyber-physical automotive systems and further interested in human factors in general and the recognition of vital bodily functions.

Myounghoon “Philart” Jeon is Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science at Michigan Tech. He directs the Cyber-Human Systems Center.

Jacques Terken is an Associate Professor at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. He leads the Automotive Human Factors team in the department for Industrial Design. He was the organizer for the 5th Auto UI conference in 2013.