Game Idea Jam

Game Jams have successfully been introduced to the CHI Community during the last 2 years. Game developers meet to plan, design, and create one or more games within a short time span. We will conduct a Game Idea Jam focusing on the opportunity to draw on researchers’ and developers’ own experiences when developing creative game ideas for sport or exertion to combat physical inactivity. Physical inactivity is one of the greatest public health problems of our century increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or specific cancers.

The Game Idea Jam focuses on brainstorming and conceptualizing of one or more game ideas within 7 hours. Due to time constraints, the final game idea is produced in the form of a conceptual video trying to demonstrate the player experience. We aim to enable game researcher with no development skills to participate in the Game Idea Jam and supported them with different creative approaches to choose from.

The Game Idea Jam brings together game researchers and practitioners in the fields of human-computer interaction, game development, interaction design, instructional design, etc. to collaborate and develop ideas for sports and exertion games that combat physical activity. The aim of the Game Idea Jam is to:

  • Enable game researchers and practitioners with and without development skills to participate.
  • Explore jamming through a practice-based collaboration between game researchers and practitioners.
  • Develop creative ideas for sport or exertion games combatting physical inactivity.
  • Provide the experience of a game jam to our participants in order to gain confidence to integrate this approach into their own practice.

This one-day workshop consists of three game jam break-out sessions. As no particular game development skills are required for the participation, the participants will be supported with different creative approaches (e.g., EA Personas, the Exertion Game or PLEX Cards) to choose from.

We encourage game researchers and practitioners with and without game development skill to participate in the Game Idea Jam.