This is a one-day workshop with 2 key components:
1) game jam break-out sessions and
2) a video production sessions

The Game Ideas Jam will start with an introduction round, i.e., each participant briefly explains the motivation to participate in the workshop. The workshop organizers will give a short introduction to the workshop topic on creative game ideas for sport and exertion games combatting physical inactivity. Afterwards, the participants form different groups based on interest and expertise and start with the first game jam break-out session. In this session game ideas should be brainstormed by actively moving around, i.e., engaging in physical activity.

After the coffee break the second break-out session will take place until lunch and another one after lunch. In these two sessions one game idea should be selected and elaborated into a concept. Due to time constraints, the final game will not be implemented but developed in the form of a conceptual video demonstrating the player experience. In the next session after the coffee break the video will be finished. The last activity is a group discussion where the participants are encouraged to share their experiences, which can be continued at the informal dinner afterwards.