YouTube Team

Isha Dandavate is a User Experience Researcher working on TV experiences for YouTube. She holds a Master’s degree in information management and systems at the UC Berkeley School of Information. Prior to joining YouTube, Isha was a researcher at SonicRim, a global design research consultancy based in San Francisco, where she worked on developing frameworks through exploratory qualitative research and cocreation workshops. At YouTube, her research focuses on living room experiences, which include multi-device experiences, on-screen keyboard interactions, search experiences in the context of short-form videos, an social watching behaviors.

Jennifer Milam is a User Experience Designer imagining new video ads experiences for YouTube. Prior to joining YouTube, she designed user experiences for Apple and IBM. Jennifer holds an M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction/Computing from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a B.S. in Applied and Computational Math from University of Washington, Seattle. Much of her research and design has focused on video and immersive experiences, including collaborative video annotation, video-mediated negotiations, bio-signals as virtual reality game input, and mobile augmented/mixed reality experiences. She explores rich media experiences as a medium to entertain, inform, and persuade.

Jeanne Allen is a User Experience Producer working to support the strategy and creation of the YouTube user interface across the device ecosystem. Prior to joining YouTube, she was a member of the Xbox UX team at Microsoft where she focused on the design and development of the platform UI. This included the creation of gestural and voice UI for Kinect. Her career focus has revolved around the evolution of how people consume entertainment across time and place in meaningful ways.

Second Screen and Social Experiences Team

Christiane Moser is a research fellow the ICT&S Center of the University of Salzburg and working in an international research project which develops advanced interfaces for special user groups using TV and tablet. She has been involved in EU research and innovation projects on social media. She organized workshops at IDC2011, MobileHCI2011, FnG2012, CHI2013, ACE2013, and CHIPLAY2014.

Thomas Kargl is research fellow the ICT&S Center of the University of Salzburg and working in international research projects, where he designs the user interface for the TV and tablet platform.

Manfred Tscheligi is full professor for HCI & Usability at the ICT&S Center of the University of Salzburg and is directing CURE in Vienna. He is directing the Christian
Doppler Laboratory on Contextual Interfaces. He was involved in several conferences (e.g., co-chairing CHI2004, ACE2007, EuroITV 2009, and AUI2011) and co-organizing workshops and SIGs (e.g., CHI2008, IDC2011, INTERACT2011, AmI2011, CSCW2012, CHI2013, MobileHCI2014, and NordiCHI2014).

Jeroen Vanattenhoven is senior researcher at the Centre for User Experience Research of the interdisciplinary research institute iMinds and the University of Leuven. He has been involved in Flemish and EU research and innovation projects on social media, Social TV, second-screen for more than 8 years. Currently he is working in the TV-RING project focusing on social and contextual recommendations, and second-screen applications for TV, via the HbbTV technology. He is work-in-progress chair for TVX2015.

Lilia Perez Romero is designer and Professional Doctorate in Engineering in the area User System Interaction. She is PhD candidate in computer science at CWI in the Netherlands. She designs and researches second screen applications for web-enriched broadcast video within the context of the European research project LinkedTV.

Fabian Schiller was working in the industry before joining the Institut für Rundfunktechnik, a research and development institute of ARD, ZDF, DRadio, ORG and SRG/SSR. He is engaged in international research projects related to second screen and HbbTV. He is an active member in the HbbTV Testing Working Group.

Joost Negenman is the Senior Policy Advisor R&D at NPO – Dutch Public Broadcast. His scope is Connected/HbbTV, 2nd Screen, Mobile – and Broadband content delivery. He strongly believes added value for viewers can only be achieved by accessible and seamlessly integrated platforms. He is the pilot leader at EU TV Ring project and EBU TVP – BBN member.