Michael Crabb is an Associate Lecturer at Robert Gordon University, Scotland. His main research interests focus around accessible technology and digital inclusion. With these interests firmly based in Human-Computer Interaction, he is interested in how technology is developed for older adults and how their overall experience can be improved when interacting with systems. People are at the heart of what makes computing exciting and the inclusion of users in research is key in developing systems that are usable by all.

Ingrid Trollope is a Senior UX Designer working on a variety of cross-media and second-screen projects at Google.  Prior to joining Google, Ingrid designed interactive user experiences across multiple platforms for the BBC and Sky TV in the UK. While at Google she has worked on a variety of television and second-screen experiences, including the television features in Google Now and on Chromecast.

Javed Vassilis Khan currently is senior lecturer at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands at the Academy for Digital Entertainment. He is lecturing on HCI, Media Innovation and Media Technology topics. His research interests include mobile and pervasive computing, UX of virtual environments, location-based services and crowdsourcing. He has earned his PhD in HCI at Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands and Masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, in Greece. In the past he has worked as researcher at Philips, Vodafone and Greece’s Computer Technology Institute.

Lyndon JB Nixon is Assistant Professor in the New Media Technology group at the MODUL University Vienna since June 2014. He joined the group in October 2013 and was responsible for the EU projects LinkedTV ( – as Scientific Coordinator – and MediaMixer ( – as Project Coordinator. He also teaches (BBA, BSc, MBA) and works on acquiring new research projects. His research domain is semantic technology and multimedia, with a focus on automated media interlinking and the creation of interactive media experiences (hypermedia).

Joël Dumoulin is a PhD student in the Computer Science field. His work is a collaboration between the MICC laboratory (University of Florence, Italy) and the HES-SO (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland).  His research work is in the field of automatic video annotation, smart televisions and emotions. The goal of his thesis « emoTV » is to explore novel ideas allowing user experiences enhancement with NextGen TV.

Bianca Soto is a User Experience Researcher at Google working on Android TV. Before
becoming part of the Android team, she was part of the research team at Google [x], a
Google lab that aims for moonshots in technology and science. Prior to her time at
Google, she was conducting research through exploratory qualitative and field research,
at Willow Garage, on how older adults interact with robots and how new autonomous
technologies could augment their independence and quality of life. At Android, her
research focus is on defining TV spaces and experiences, which include social watching
behaviors, global and contextual search experience for TV entertainment, multi-device
interaction and integration, and discovering unexplored spaces in TV.

Angela Fortunato has graduated in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Bari (Italy) and is currently a second year PhD Student. Her research interests are focused on Social TV and Second Screen and my PhD is financially supported by Telecom Italia S.p.a. which is working on these topics. Her first paper entitled “What Drives TV Online Engagement? The Influence of Social Strategies and Contents” has been accepted to the 12th International Conference on Web Based Communities and Social Media 2015.

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